Our environment is a space which the child enters but is so lured that he is unable to withdraw from it. Our space is an experience that stays with the child and becomes a part of his self. He internalizes all the environment has to offer- as knowledge, as confidence, as capabilities, as expressions of aptitudes, as his impeccable social skills, behavior and purposeful demeanor.
Our environment embodies the three-way interaction process.
The teacher in relation to the child is a second mother. She is a facilitator, a guide and a nurturer. The teacher would introduce and methodically present the environment and its micro components to the child. The child then has the freedom to choose according to his needs, interest and aptitude and is also free to learn at his own pace.
A child who learns thus excels in what he is interested in and is consequently motivated to work on what else the environment has to offer. If given the freedom of pace of learning at this stage, the child remains forever eager and spontaneous to learn. This is unlike when the pressure to perform within a time frame is set.
The environment when prepared logically and knowledgeably for a child, benefits the child's growth pattern and achievement of milestones.
The child's potential and aptitudes are aroused by the rich environment and the child begins to explore it in relation to self. He, not only discovers the components and connections of the environment, but also delights in discovering himself.
His abilities and overall personality starts expressing itself and the child becomes more than what we can ever expect.
Teacher's role is key in preparing the environment perfectly and precisely:

According to stages of development of the child,
Individual differences amongst children,
Catering to the varied potentials of individual children,
Keeping in view all areas of development,
And last but not the least, all aspects of intelligence.
The most aware feature of our growth environment is how the child is dealt with. He is perceived as a unique individual with potentials which can be revealed in our aware growth environment. Children are never compared or negated in any way. Our philosophy for the child is "you can", "you will", "I have faith in you" and "I care".

G D Goenka Lá Petite environment is synonymous with happiness, joy and good times.