The child of today is the expression of 'the process of evolution' and our 'dynamically paced civilization'.
The kind of changes that were visible over a period of a decade or five years, can be witnessed now within a year or just a few months.
The child of today is at the apex of evolution of the present civilization. He wants the best of amenities, luxuries, comforts and all that the ever evolving technology has to offer. That doesn't make him lethargic or impervious to intellectual stimulation. The child of today is focused, purposeful, aware, conscious and if we may say so, mature for his age.

To nurture the child optimally we have the most luxurious, hi-tech, hygienic, intellectually stimulating environment that caters to his inquisitive mind and his physical, intellectual, social, emotional, lingual, psychological and self actualization needs.
The child of today is the spiritual embryo which will be able to achieve the highest realms of awakening – the super consciousness.