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In tune with the G D Goenka standards and innovative thought process, we are extremely sensitive to the care of the child. As an initiative to nurture the child along with the most important bond of the mother, we have designed a program called ‘Togetherness’.

‘Togetherness’ makes the child take his first step out into the world under the care of his mother. The mother comes along and participates in all that the child is going to do in the new environment and helps him to step into the new world under the umbrella of security and comfort.

Here the Mom and child will come together, play, eat, build blocks, learn new sounds and enjoy new stories with curiosity and enthusiasm. The mother would view the world as a child and the child would learn to adapt to the adult’s world. The bonding shall be enhanced. The nurture would be aware and fruitful. The revelation of the child’s personality is unbound and the bliss of the mother is glorified in ‘Our Joyful space’.

The child is going through an explosion of growth and development at this stage.

Mom and the child find a specially created environment according to developmental needs which would endear them.

Wishing you loads of happy togetherness
G.D. Goenka Lá Petite

No one understands a child as we do