To nurture the child step-by-step with a sensitivity towards his absorbent mind and stages of development.

An international curriculum in sync with the natural milestones of the child.
A sensitive environment which understands the unexpressed thought of the child and cares for his uniqueness and independence.
The Montessori Method is applied for the complete evolution of the personality. The ultimate psychic integration of the mind and the body is possible with our highly aware and prepared environment.
All the aspects of Gardener's multi intelligence theory are nurtured and addressed to, in simple endearing ways.
An environment, a little more than home, where there are no "NO"s but a guided confidence of adaptation and mastery over the environment.
A curriculum which caters to the pluralistic multi-cultural society and inculcates joy in mutual celebrations of festivals from all over the world.
Where the emotional self of the child is understood and led towards joyous self esteem and adaptation to the community.
Each and every detail of the set up has an aware purpose for the development of the child.
Highly skilled and specially trained teachers.
Each member of the school is a perfect role model in care and concern of the child. At G.D. Goenka
Lá Petite you join hands with the best in the field, for the best for the child, and of course for the future world.